Friday, June 18, 2010

Podcasts and Flat Classroom...

Today we used the audio I recorded last night along with more recorded today (thank you to our guest voices) to create our first podcast. Using GarageBand, we added music and edited our audio, and I am very happy with the result and the process. As with anything, preparation was the key. The 5 minute outline Dr. Z provided and the script we wrote made it easy to record and edit a five (and a half – oops) minute podcast.

I wish I had time to listen to some podcasts right now. I’m interested in a podcast from EdTechTalks. The topic is the COPE strategy for professional development. COPE stands for Collaboration, Organization, Periodicals, and Education. I’m not usually a fan of cute acronyms with multiple meanings, but I think this one has some potential. I’ll withhold judgment until I get a chance to listen, and hopefully I’ll remember to since I included it here.

For both of the graduate classes, we are collaborating with our classmates. It’s difficult to keep everything straight…who am I working with right now? Which project are we thinking about now? When is this due? It makes me think about how our students feel sometimes when they’re working in groups in different classes. Usually the work is done in class and they don’t have to use collaboration tools to communicate with members from afar, but what happens when I introduce a Flat Classroom Project or we finally have a chance to do Virtual Teaming? Will the additional technology and requirements cause them stress like we are feeling now, or is this just a result of our unusual circumstances?

Usually I like summer courses, and I don’t dislike this one, but I don’t think I was mentally prepared for finishing the school year and then going right to school. I’m not going to stress out about how my students will react to new projects and new experiences. I know they’re more flexible than my tired, old brain so I will prepare them as best I can and support them if they start feeling the stress.

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