Monday, June 14, 2010

Tweets, skype, and Google Docs, Oh my!

What a whirlwind experience today's class was. It was very nice to meet everyone in person, but today I really felt for the first time that in person isn't very important. First, we had the wonderful conversation with CoolCatTeacher Vicki Davis using Twitter and Skype, and then we worked in groups scattered around the building.

I also have hope for our IT department. I know I am very negative about my relationship with them, but I'm going to try to frame things differently in the future. I'm going to take everyone's suggestions today about how to approach implementing new applications to heart. I'm even going to embrace the Software Evaluation form and try to visit them this summer. Do you think they will respond to gifts of food or candy?

The wide variety of applications that Google offers will help me determine which battles need to be won with my IT people. Do I need a piece of software for students to collaborate on a word processing document or to chat? No, we can use Google. I need to do more research into diigo and delicious to determine if they will work without downloading a toolbar without compromising their usefulness...holy cow Vicki Davis knows how to make diigo work for her!

So today, our first day in the classroom, I finally realized that we can do a lot without the classroom. I also realized that one of the best things I can do for my students is to be silent sometimes so they can solve the problem themselves.

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  1. Good on you, Jennie. That's the attitude to have - you'll win ITS over with patience and kindness. It always works :)

  2. Sounds like you have a mission. Good job.
    Yes, you need to identify the curricular use of applications like like Google Docs and present that to the ITS folks. Get them on your side from the beginning. Maybe even sit down with them with an idea about how you can address specific standards in your classroom.


  3. Jennie--so many great truths. I also think gifts of food and candy are always a good idea. I am glad I am in your group :)