Sunday, October 9, 2011

Technology Integration Matrix

Using the Technology Integration Matrix, I have created a Google document describing how I integrate technology into the Principles of Engineering (POE) class. I described one lesson from the first unit of POE, Energy and Power, for the Gradual Release of Responsibility Project so I thought it would be appropriate to use projects and activities from the whole unit for addressing technology integration. The lessons are Mechanisms, Energy Sources, Energy Applications, and the Energy and Power Design Project. The students in this class are all sophomores and juniors in high school. They have taken the Introduction to Engineering Design course and have similar levels of technology knowledge and experience.

In the Kies Technology Integration Matrix
, I have described each activity by identifying:
a. which cell of the Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) the activity falls under
b. why I chose this cell
c. how I currently use this activity in the class
d. what I would do to take the activity up a notch in the TIM
Following each description is the list of concepts and objectives that are addressed in the activity.

Picture: Jing screenshot of Technology Integration Matrix

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