Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back to work?

So I took some time off, like CathyO, after finishing the last of the EIT and MPP coursework, but now I'm back to the blogs and Web 2.0 tools. I didn't do any heavy reflecting during my days of relaxing like CathyO. I didn't think about the difference between learners like Bill did in his blog. I certainly didn't come up with a new business idea like Camilla, and I didn't Twitter about the boring Keynote speaker at ISTE.

I did check out some blogs and wander around the internet between reading, swimming, napping, and cooking. I found some neat things too. Maeghan is an elementary ed student who blogs for her EDM310 class (educational media?). I'm not sure how I got to her page, but I found the timeline she created using Timetoast, which I started creating a training site for using the Google Template my MPP group created. Thanks Maeghan!

I also linked up to the Britannica Blog and found James. James is teaching college in Iraq. It seems the colleges in Iraq do a great job teaching upper level math and science, but other students aren't really challenged or engaged. He's trying to shake that up a little and as he wrote "so why am I teaching in Iraq? Adventure, friendship, duty, eager students, and two of the most delightful words in the English language – road trip." Hmmmm...maybe when the cohort is over.

Elsewhere internationally, "on Sunday Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, the prime minister of Iceland and the world’s first openly gay head of government" got married! Go ladies! The Iceland wedding industry probably just expanded exponentially...or maybe it's just in the U.S. that people spend crazy amounts of money on weddings.

Lastly, isn't it nice when someone admits he was wrong? I don't follow Skeptoid very often, but I thought it was great to see someone write about his mistakes (I'm not being sexist here, women make mistakes too, but this was a male author). I also like it when NPR reads from their mailbag from people who think they got something wrong. We all make mistakes...that's the lesson for today. Maybe it was a mistake to take time off because it's really hard to get back to work. I just want to read and swim and cook and nap...

Picture: Flickr Creative Commons


  1. Thanks for the links, Jennie. It is great to be finding so many connections. I, too, am still browsing and finding new places to learn and/or be inspired. Keep blogging!

  2. Jennie,
    Looks like you have the wanderlust in your heart. Your students will have a tough time keeping up with your visions because you like to stretch it. They will like it too because you will challenge them.

    Stay connected to the world as you do. Remember the Road Trip is always there.