Thursday, January 13, 2011

Restaurant Critic - Really?

Some people think that I'm not the most adventurous eater. I may have been called bland once or twice. I might not like bananas, brats or anything made with vinegar, but I do know how to eat when I travel - bring peanut butter!

I'm kidding...mostly. You really can put peanut butter on almost anything. So, how do I get the Restaurant Critic research job? Carrie got Historian way too quick. Below are three of the Top 10 resaurants in Beijing. I really want to try the duck!

Restaurant price categories for the equivalent of a meal for two made up of a range of dishes, served with tea, and including service. Currency conversion rates may vary.
Under ¥100 ($15) ¥
¥100–¥250 ($15-37) ¥¥
¥250–¥500 ($37-75) ¥¥¥

Afunti ¥¥
A Xinjiang restaurant, which means lamb kabobs, flat breads, plus live bands and the inevitable audience participation. It may be touristy but it’s fun!
188 Denei Dajie, Chaoyang Men Nei Dajie
6527 228

Beijing Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant ¥
Lots of restaurants specialize in Beijing’s most famous dish, and debate rages endlessly over who serves the best fowl. This place is less over-blown and over-priced than many of its rivals.
Bdg 3, Tuanjiehu Beikou, Dong San Huan
6582 289

Alameda ¥¥¥
The look is LA or Sydney, the food is Brazilian. The well balanced menu includes good- value set lunches and dinners that change with the availability of fresh ingredients but great steaks are standard.
Na Li Market, off Sanlitun Bei Lu
6417 808



  1. There are many things I am looking forward to our trip for, however the food doesn't seem to be one of those things. A friend of mine recently returned from China (again), and his pictures of all of his meals tended to be a bit on the disturbing side.

  2. Speaking of disturbing...who will be the first to try the 1000 year eggs?

  3. Yeah...I'm with Jami on the food expectation. Great job to set up a blog for your piece. Great idea! I've been so busy thinking of ideas to integrate the project into my classroom, I've neglected class application. Good for you for doing such great work!