Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Test Pack

I don't like to check luggage when I travel to somewhere. I don't like waiting around the baggage carousel or worrying if I'm going to have my clothes and toothbrush. I learned from the best packer in the world though and traveled for months out of a backpack. This is my test pack for the trip to China:The small pile on the left is the clothes I'm going to wear on the plane (khaki pants, green sweater, and button down shirt). I'll have 4 pairs of pants, 7 shirts, and 4 sweaters. Every shirt can be worn with at least two pairs of pants. I'll wear my brown boots on the plane and bring the black shoes. I'm not bringing tennis shoes or work-out clothes because I know I won't exercise; all the walking will be plenty of exercise for me. Don't forget socks, undies and pajamas! I used 3 medium sized Space Bags to squash everything down.This is my luggage for the trip. The black briefcase is currently full of junk and will suffer through a test pack later this week. I'll put my toiletries in the front part of the red bag, which also zips off as a back pack for the day tours.


  1. jkies, if you lived closer I'd engage your services as a packing consultant!

  2. Don't forget to leave some room for trinkets! (And no pulling stones from the Great Wall!)

  3. You are amazing jkies!!! Will you be able to wait for all of us waiting for our baggage that we checked? I know there is no way that I can pack that efficiently even in my dreams!